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Unlike traditional dentures that do not replace the root of your tooth, implant supported overdentures are secured with dental implants and restore order to your entire mouth.

At Jackson Family Dental, we often recommend overdentures implant treatment. This treatment is a great option for patients missing multiple teeth who want a simple procedure that will ensure years of healthy, beautiful smiles.

What are overdentures?

Just like traditional dentures, overdentures replace the visible part of your smile with a custom, natural-looking restoration. The difference? Traditional dentures use an adhesive to attach to your jaw.

Overdentures take a more holistic approach to replacing your teeth. By replacing the root of your teeth along with the visible part, order is restored in your smile. This prevents bone loss and provides a more secure and long-lasting smile.

Better results through advanced technology

Thanks to our CBCT 3D imaging technology, Dr. Jackson can precisely visualize any health conditions you’re experiencing and develop a personalized treatment plan for you. This advanced technology provides efficient care, better experiences, and long-lasting results.

Who is a good candidate for overdentures?

There are lots of scenarios where we recommend overdenture implants, including if you…

Are missing multiple teeth and want to replace them with a single treatment

Currently have dentures but want a more supportive and healthy treatment option

You would like a denture treatment that is not removable and easier to maintain

What to expect

At Jackson Family Dental, we’re dedicated to providing the very best dental care experience in Liberty.
  • RWe work with you to carefully outline every step of your treatment so you feel confident in the process
  • RUsing 3D imaging technology, we’ll visualize your bone condition and ensure proper implant placement
  • RWe’re always here to answer your questions and help you along throughout the entire process

Dr. Jackson answers your most common questions about implant overdentures

How many teeth can be replaced with implant overdentures?

Liberty overdenture implants can replace as many or as few teeth as you need treated. There is no limit or minimum!

Are implant supported dentures healthier than traditional dentures?

While some patients might benefit from traditional removable dentures, for most patients, Liberty overdenture implants will provide better treatment outcomes and lead to a healthier future.

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