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What to know about
dental sealants

Dental sealants are a thin, protective coating (made from plastic or other dental materials) that easily adheres to the chewing surface of your back teeth. This treatment is great for patients of all ages, but is especially common for children. This treatment can easily be completed during a routine dental cleaning and exam — give us a call at (816) 429-5799 to learn more and add it to your visit.

Helps You Avoid Cavities

Dental sealants prevent 80% of cavities for 2 years, and 50% of cavities for 4 years.

Long-lasting Protection

With proper care, sealants can be retained in the mouth for up to 9 years and easily replaced.

Especially Great for Children

School-age kids without sealants have 3 times more cavities than those with sealants.

Fast, Painless, Easy Application

The thin coating is painted on in liquid form and hardens in about a minute. That’s all there is to it!

who can get
dental sealants?

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School-age children

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Adults who are cavity-prone

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Anyone who wants an added layer of protection against decay!

What to expect from a dental sealant treatment at our office

Think of a sealant as a mini plastic filling. However, tooth enamel does not contain any nerves, so numbing is usually not necessary.


We’ll start by examining the tooth or teeth to be sealed. If decay is found, we’ll remove it.


Next, we’ll apply a solution that helps the sealing material better adhere to your tooth surface


Time for the sealant! We’ll paint it on the tooth and use a special curing light as needed. That’s it!

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Jackson and his team. My husband and children have been seeing him for a few years now and I recently switched my care to his team and I am so happy I did. Super sweet, family-oriented, and provide excellent care.

— Elizabeth E.

What a great team they have at Jackson Family Dental. They make the patient experience like no other. 100% class act!

— Drew E.

Best dentist we have ever been to! The entire staff made my daughter’s first visit so easy and safe. Thank you so much!

— Amber S.

They always treat me so well, and pamper me with a warm neck pillow and the massaging chair! It definitely takes the stress away, but the hygienists are so excellent at what they do, and Dr. Jackson is very kind.

— Kathy B.

Everyone here is so very sweet and helpful! they always work with my schedule and help get me an appointment, even if it’s last minute. The office is beautiful and so well run. The best part is they always give you a cookie on the way out.

— Jordan F.

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Does a dental sealant mean I can stop brushing my teeth?

No! A dental sealant is an additional protective layer for your smile — it’s not meant to replace your normal hygiene habits. Brush and floss at least twice a day and continue to visit us for your regular dental exams and cleanings.


Are sealants an alternative to fillings?

Sealants help prevent cavities, not fix them. However, if your teeth are prone to decay, a sealant is a great way to keep a cavity from developing. Remember: a tooth without a cavity will always be stronger and healthier than a tooth with a filling or decay.


When can my child get a sealant?

Sealants are most effective for children when they’re placed right after permanent molars come in. This is usually around age 6 for the first molars and age 12 for the second molars.


What do sealants look like?

Our dental sealants are a clear material and blend with your natural tooth color. You won’t be able to see the sealant when smiling or talking.

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