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What is an Infant Frenectomy?

An infant frenectomy refers to a surgical procedure that removes one or more frena from the oral cavity of a child.

A frenulum is a piece of connective tissue that connects surfaces of the inside of the mouth, and can be any one of the following:

  • Lingual: This frenulum holds the tongue to the bottom of the mouth
  • Labial or maxillary: This kind of frenulum connects the lips to the gums
  • Buccal frena: These frena attaches the gums to the inside of the cheeks

An infant frenectomy is performed on infants with an elongated or short-and-thick lingual frenulum that limits tongue movement and makes sucking, speech, and swallowing difficult. This medical condition is also described as a tongue-tie, as elongated frena may prevent normal extension of the tongue.

An infant frenectomy can be performed quickly and with minimal pain within a few weeks after birth.

How tongue-tie affects a baby’s health

Tongue- and lip-ties in infants result from connective tissues inside the baby’s oral cavity limiting normal tongue and lip movement. This can lead to more health issues, such as:


  • Having trouble feeding and drinking properly
  • Difficulty breathing due to tight/restricted airways
  • Malocclusions (misaligned bite)
  • Speech issues

How the procedure works

If your child is suffering from frena tongue-tie or lip-tie, our pediatric dental specialist may recommend a frenectomy as a permanent solution to this health problem. The steps of this procedure are as follows:


  • The tongue is lifted up to the roof of the mouth to make the frenulum taut.
  • The white, fascia-like tissue is cut close to the tongue.
  • The cut is made in a single motion, taking less than a second.
  • The baby can immediately return to its young, happy life without tongue-tie!

What can a dentist do about my child’s tongue-tie?

At Jackson Family Dental, we’ll help you and your infant find a painless, quick solution to tongue-tie and/or lip-tie.

At our office, we offer infant frenectomies for babies who struggle with elongated or tight connective tissues in their mouth that limit natural movement and functions. A lingual frenectomy releases the tongue from restrictive tissue,while a labial frenectomy frees the lips to suck and smile properly. This procedure is done with either a careful, quick snip of a pair of scissors, or with laser technology.

Not sure if your child needs an infant frenectomy? That’s what we’re here for. Talk to our dental specialists today to discuss your child’s needs! Give us a call at (816) 429-5799.

Common questions about snoring and oral health


What is a tongue-tie?

A tongue-tie occurs when the thin membrane under the tongue, known as the lingual frenulum, restricts proper tongue movement. This is actually common for many babies; but for about 5% of newborns, this connective tissue is so tight it negatively affects their ability to feed and suck properly.

What is a lip-tie?

Babies who suffer from a tongue-tie also experience a lip-tie. A lip-tie is an abnormally tight membrane (known as the labial frenulum) attaching the upper lip to their upper gums. This restricts lip movement, causing them to take in excess air when feeding, making them gassy and fussy.

What are the benefits of an infant frenectomy?

An infant frenectomy allows your baby to experience greater tongue and lip mobility, making feeding, sucking, smiling, and speaking easier and more natural. In some cases, frenectomies may help prevent other health problems like tooth decay, speech difficulties, and digestive issues. If you breastfeed, an infant frenectomy may make the feeding experience more enjoyable, as your infant will feed more easily and be less fussy.

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