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Take back your smile with dentures from Jackson Family Dental

If you’re missing multiple teeth due to decay, injury, or the natural aging process, dentures might be the perfect solution.

Modern dentures are made from high-tech, durable materials and are much easier to maintain than you might think. When properly designed and fitted, your dentures will act just like natural teeth, restoring your ability to smile, speak, and chew with confidence. 

This isn’t your only tooth-replacement option. We’ll help you compare treatments, providing all the information you need to make the very best decision for you.

Treatment options at Jackson Family Dental

Traditional dentures

A set of full, conventional dentures are perhaps the most affordable solution for replacing multiple missing teeth. This option can replace all the teeth on your upper and/or lower jaw and are custom made to fit your gum line perfectly.


Also called an implant-retained denture, overdentures use neighboring natural teeth or dental implants for support. This type of restoration offers a stable and durable solution. It also helps strengthen the integrity of your jaw bone.

Partial dentures

A partial denture can be either removable or fixed in place. Similar to an overdenture, this restoration option uses your natural teeth to provide support. They’re simple to clean and maintain and look great.

Why choose us?

Creating a natural-looking and durable restoration requires special skills and attention to detail. To be successful, your dentist must:

  • Fully understand your unique needs and recommend the perfect type of denture
  • Take a 3D impression of your mouth to form a precise model of your gums
  • Use high-quality materials and a top-rated lab to construct a custom-made prosthesis
  • Work closely with you to address any fussy spots and ensure a perfect, comfortable fit

At Jackson Family Dental, we have this process down to a science. We offer the gentle care and expertise required for a successful treatment and want to help restore your smile and confidence, too. Our team is trusted throughout Liberty and we’d love the chance to earn your trust, too.

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