chipped tooth repair
in Liberty, MO

what causes
a broken tooth?

One of the most common issues dentists see is a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth. Not only can a damaged tooth be painful, but they can lead to other dental problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease.

A cracked or broken tooth can be caused or contributed to by:

A fall or blow to the face

Biting into a hard substance

A compulsive chewing habit (ie. chewing ice or pens)

Bruxism (excessive clenching or grinding)

Decaying teeth

Health conditions and certain medications that weaken teeth

does poor dental care
contribute to chipped teeth?

While many instances of tooth damage are a result of a blow to the face or some other isolated incident, poor oral care can actually make your teeth more vulnerable to cracking or breaking. Poor oral hygiene, like irregular brushing and flossing, allows plaque and bacteria to build up on the teeth. This leads to weakened enamel, cavities, and tooth decay, which make your teeth more susceptible to breaking.

To help prevent a broken tooth, be sure to keep up on your routine dental cleanings!

managing a broken tooth at home

Until you can visit your dentist, there are some things you can do at home to both alleviate discomfort and protect your mouth.

  • Take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Use an icepack on the outside of your face to reduce any swelling.
  • Gargle mouthwash or salt water to eliminate bacteria and prevent infection.
  • Use a dental wax on the tooth to protect your mouth from sharp edges.

Not sure if your tooth is broken or cracked? That’s what we’re here for. Give us a call at (816) 429-5799.

what’s the dentist’s process for broken or cracked tooth repair?

Step 2

Get an exam, diagnosis, and custom treatment plan

Step 3

Begin treatment and learn how to prevent damaged teeth in the future

Your treatment plan will depend on your diagnosis. It’s important to get a professional diagnosis so you can find the right solution!

common treatments
for broken or cracked teeth

dental implants

dental fillings



common questions
about chipped tooth repair


How do you know your tooth is damaged?

While some instances of tooth damage are easily felt or seen, like a significant chip on a front tooth, other damage may not be as obvious. For example, a minor crack in a molar may not be visible. Some common signs that your tooth is cracked, chipped, or otherwise broken are:


  • Heightened sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Pain while chewing
  • Inconsistent tooth pain that comes and goes
  • Inflamed gums around the possibly damaged tooth

How do you prevent a broken tooth in the future?

Once you’ve had a cracked or broken tooth repaired, not only will that tooth be more susceptible to future damage, but you may have figured out that your teeth are at higher risk of breaking in general. Here are some ways to prevent tooth damage in the future:


  • Practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly.
  • Schedule regular dental exams to assess the health of your teeth.
  • Seek treatment to eliminate grinding and jaw clenching habits.
  • Avoid using your teeth to hold items or open packages.
  • Wear a mouthguard when playing sports.

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